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e11PHASE I - audit automation of industrial processes.
The search for areas that through automation, can produce certain benefits.


STAGE II - negotiation of the detailed conditions
and objectives of the project 
The foundation of each contract is to clearly define requirements, which will be a prerequisite for acceptance of our execution.


e33STAGE III - analysis of the legal requirements.
Verification of any standards-related
with the project.

e44PHASE IV - Conceptual Design.

Visualization of the project by the end of
not only to create the model, but above
all define the concept of technological solutions.

PHASE V - Risk analysis and verification of the project.

Checking by experts of both parties,
the conceptual design meets certain
earlier requirements.

e66STAGE VI - designing appropriate.

Synergy is an important element of success
in design. The project is the result of action
not only designers, but the entire team
humans. Service technicians, quality inspectors,
it is only certain specialists who give
the shape of the challenges posed to us.

e77STAGE VII - production.

The production process is carefully prepared. We provide registration of measurement of all the most important, from the point of view of the law and the quality of assemblies or parts of equipment and machinery. Our
procedures require the marking of every part,
which facilitates maintenance work in the future.