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23.09.2016- Service-repair operator panel

vcmproautomatic panel operatorski 2


The subject of the service was the operator panel Allen-Bradley Panel View 300.
The repair consisted of:
-Information Customer on the type of fault
-Diagnoza Operator panel
-replacement chip communication
-replacement the security of communication

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23.09.2016- Service-repair operator panel Siax 150

vcmproautomatic panel operatorski


The subject of the service was the operator panel Siax 150.
Repair involved the following steps:
-Information Customer on the type of fault
-Diagnoza Operator panel
-replacement chip the meter at all ports of entry

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17.05.2016 - Programming inverter - removal of error..

Falownik miniatura2


Service coverage included access to the client, a local vision, problem identification and removal of defects, the introduction of adjustment to the new inverter.

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20.04.2016 - Establishment of operational documentation.


The work associated with the creation of documentation involved in the initial visual inspection devices, documenting the most important technical parameters, understanding the principles of operation and health and safety equipment.

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07.04.2016 - Stabilization of the Bone Arm Robot


Solving the problem of stabilization and strengthening equipment, injection-adhesive. Execution of the mounting plate to the wrist of the manipulator at the production line.

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09.03.2016 - Service - Diagnosis.

miniaturaFor service, our company strives to promptly respond and reach out to the customer as soon as possible.

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15.12.2015 - Implementation of the lighting installation services platform in one of the production companies.


Our firm has commissioned on the installation of lighting platform for the production hall. Highlighting the mezzanine floor has been divided into 3 types due to the fact that it meets the requirements that have been posed.

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16.01.2016 Installation of lighting fixtures.

min1Execution of orders involving the installation of platform production hall accordance with the guidelines.

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